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Courses tagged “MDI”:

Student perspectives:

  • The COA community is huge on MDI, giving you a beautiful little bubble to experiment and grow in. It’s also very cold. Thankfully, COA offers many opportunities to get off campus, so you can balance that with “real-world” experience outside.

    - Rebecca Riane Haydu
  • MDI is such a beautiful place! I often forget how lucky I am to be able to live and go to school here. I am so busy with schoolwork that I don’t get into the park nearly as often as I would like.

    As an education student, I have found the community to be very open to me. Every school I contact to do observation hours or community service hours enthusiastically greets me and welcomes me into their classrooms.

    - Maeghan Warburton
  • The community on the island is small so it’s easy to meet interesting people. Also, you can be weird and no one cares.

    - Chase Uy