COA has one, self-designed major in human ecologyYou have the flexibility and freedom to design a curriculum that is right for you.

The areas of study we’ve listed are constellations of interests—topics or ideas around which students and faculty cluster. They’re neither majors nor formal concentrations.

You may find yourself pulled towards one or more of these areas. You may have some other area of study in mind: perhaps something that is unique to you and doesn’t even have a name. Or you may see strands of knowledge as so interwoven that the idea of areas seems too limiting.

You can also search and browse courses without filtering by areas of study.

As you explore these areas of study, remember that they are mere suggestions: hints about how how you might want to put your curriculum together. We don’t like breaking up knowledge and experience into different areas. So please take these ‘areas of study’ with a grain of salt.  Or maybe an entire salt shaker.

Student work: