Alumni Profiles

Kerri Sands '02

Associate, Good Group Decisions

Kerri SandsWhere did you grow up?
Carmel, Maine

Where do you live now?
Portland, Maine

What was your senior project?
Marketing Maine: An Exploration of Maine's Images and Their Roles in Product Marketing

What's your current job?
I spent several years administering a statewide agricultural economic development program, "Farms for the Future", where I organized business planning teams and implementation grants for Maine's farmers. Recently, I became an associate at Good Group Decisions, an organization dedicated to helping groups of people make important decisions peacefully and effectively. Mywork includes meeting facilitation, strategic planning, research, and writing. In the future, I plan to pursue an MBA with an emphasis on sustainability.

What do you want to make sure people know about your time at COA?
At COA I was able to recognize and articulate my skills, and I learned how to apply them to the work that matters most to me. Now, I'm making my living doing just that. That's what I asked from a college and that what I got.