Biomechanics Syllabus

College of the Atlantic 2013
Helen Hess
Text: Life's Devices by Steven Vogel

We will start each day at 8:30 am in the zoology lab. We'll break for lunch for about an hour and finish our day by 4 pm.

Monday, June 24
Introduction to Biomechanics: Newton meets Darwin (chapters 1 & 2)
Units and dimensions (chapter 4)
Rates and Scaling (chapter 3)

Tuesday, June 25
Stress and Strain: how engineers see the world (chapter 9)
Measuring biological materials (chapters 10 & 12)
Materials organized as structures
Measuring beams; building structures

Wednesday, June 26
Assembling systems from structures: skeletons and joints (chapter 13)
Analysing gaits: how critters move on land
Attachment: how critters hang on (chapter 14)

Thursday, June 27
Fluids (chapters 5 & 6)
Analysing gaits II: how critters move in water
Internal fluid flow: pipes (chapters 6 & 8)

Friday, June 28
Flight (chapter 7)
Wings and things
Comparing human technology and natural systems: wheels as a case study (LaBarbera; Gould)

Final wrap-up after lunch

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