Climatology and Climate Change


Students will team-up with classmates to work on various opportunities to analyze research, and describe examples of climate change in their state or hometown. Teams will also explore possible adaptations or remedial actions to reduce or mitigate the impact(s) of climate change in their region of the country.

The course will begin with an overview of the climate system, how weather fits into it, and changes over time. At least one field trip is planned and guest lecturers will address specific key topics.

Monday (AM)

Definitions, Basic global circulation, Hadley cell, Polar cell

Monday (PM)

Regional circulation, air mass theory, mid-latitude cyclones

Tuesday (AM)

Fronts, storms, long-term trends, climate classification

Tuesday (PM)


Climatic measurements

Wednesday (AM)

Climatic variables, el Nino, la Nina, MJO, PDO

Wednesday (PM)

Ice core lab field trip

Thursday (AM)

Current research topics, paleoclimatology, guest lecture

Thursday (PM)

Historical climate change, Geopolitical considerations



Class project presentations

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