Drawing From Nature In and Out of the Classroom


Jean Carlson Masseau

Monday July 2:
    General Introduction.
    Drawing from nature throughout the ages overview
    Introduction to the artist’s tools:  dry mediums, graphite pencils and paper types
    Drawing project  # 1: emphasis on line, shape, negative space: an alternative
    way to “see”

    Introduction to the artist’s visual and conceptual tools
    Page composition, exploring paper choices and more dry mediums
    Drawing what we see: strategies
    Using dry mediums to create the illusion of form   
    Drawing project # 2:  Drawing on location on campus: horticultural,
    botanical emphasis

Tuesday July 3:
   Introduction and experimentation with color, dry mediums
   Preparing art supplies for field trips
   Visual shorthand, achieving textures, exploring pattern
   Introduction to independent (homework) assignment choices
   Drawing project # 3: Drawing in a museum setting with color and
   monochromatic mediums
  Field trip to Acadia National Park
  Drawing project #4: 
  Observation challenge: geology-focused with page design emphasis
  Observation challenge: wetland- focused with page design emphasis
  Observation and interpretation challenge: color and abstraction

Wednesday July 4:
   Introduction to watercolors: paints, papers, brushes and demonstration
   Project # 5:  Watercolor techniques samplers
   Combining wet and dry mediums
   Drawing project #6: “Small is Big”:  Observing and drawing detail in the
   classroom/lab setting using magnifying glasses and microscopes

Thursday July 5:
   Drawing project #7: Drawing marine subjects from the museum and/or outdoors
    Drawing project # 8:  Field trip:  “Diver Ed” excursion on a research boat:
    drawing live marine life on a boat 

Friday July 6:
    Introducing text, type and written information to drawings: page design
    Project # 9:  Informational “studies”:  combining information and creative
     type with art
     Presentation of independent homework projects
     “Exhibition” of class work and group comments    

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