Faculty Profiles

Scott Swann

Lecturer in Ecology, Natural History, and Ornithology

Scott SwannWhere did you go to school?
Both my BA and Masters are from COA.

What do you teach?
I teach field courses -- such as ecology, winter ecology, and ornithology.

Why do you teach at COA?
I really like the contact with the students; there are some real gems that make it all worthwhile.

How long have you been part of the COA community? What has changed?
Since I was a student here in 1981. There are many more buildings, which are hard to maintain and heat.

What new course would you like to design?
The Biology of Sex. There is so much understood about human reproduction now.

Which project thrills you most to assign and witness?
Our Natural History Museum.

What does COA stand for?
C - Community
O - One of a kind
A - Atlantic, I like being tied to the ocean

Share an epiphany you've had that has made you a better teacher/learner/person.
I've learned that science is not objective, but rather can be biased by the human element in charge of it.

If your students were fruit, you'd have a class full of ...
An exotic fruit salad.

What is the most significant challenge the current generation of college students faces?
Attention Deficit Disorder from all the technology.

Tell us about your favorite tree on campus.
The Copper Beeches look really cool and are good climbing trees.

Where are your roots?

What can you say about life on an island in Maine?
It's wonderful; I can't think of a better place to live and raise children.

In which media do you most enjoy working? Why?
Wood. I'm a good carpenter.

Where do you like to do your work?
At my summer home on a small island.

Beyond teaching at COA, which projects or passions energize you?
My children.

If you have a vehicle, does it have bumper stickers? What do they say?
Support of the children's activities (cross country, summer programs).

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