Fifth and Sixth Grade

Pond Life

summer programsPull on your boots, gather your nets, jars, & scopes, and head down to the pond. There await turtles, frogs, dragonflies, water beetles, and teeming life amongst the water. We will brave the warm muddy shores to learn about water quality, catch tadpoles, and spot snapping turtles.  Tow nets from canoes to sample the microscopic community of amoebas, rotifers, insect larvae, and algae. Hiking, swimming, and games will round out the week!

June 22 – June 26
5-Day Session: $240 Local / $275 Non-Local

Wildlife Mysteries

Four feet, hollow fur, and a tuft of white?  A few blue feathers and little white blotches on a boulder? Nibbled twigs and freshly dug burrows? A shed of scaly skin and cache of spruce cones?  Be a detective as you put together clues and follow them to each day’s wildlife mystery. Spy on the many animals of Mount Desert Island while enjoying the habitats they frequent. Games, crafts and swimming too!

June 29 – July 10
2-Week Session: $400 Local / $430 Non-Local

Salty Air

Launch into the maritime heritage of Mount Desert Island! Paddle over shipwrecks, visit a lighthouse, learn to tie knots, and discover how boats are still engrained in the way we live on an island. Join the crew as we make model boats and learn the nautical language of buoys, bells, and lights. We’ll round out the week by experiencing the working waterfront, swimming, and games!

July 13 – July 16
4-Day Session: $200 Local / $235 Non-Local

Secrets Of the Sea

Search the tide pools for urchins and crabs, dig in the mud to find clams, taste salty seaweed, observe seabirds, and study marine mammals as you explore the ocean environment from the deep sea, to the shoreline intertidal. Follow the tides, explore estuarine ecology, talk to local biologists, make saltwater art, and play games too!

July 20 – July 30
2-Week Session: $400 Local / $430 Non-Local


Find inspiration in the beauty of the natural world. Create sculptures from found objects, mold clay that we find along stream beds, dye fabric with plant pigments, and weave from nature’s fibers. Press seaweed, draw nature illustrations, and create outdoor, group installation art. The week is complete with swimming, hiking and games as well!

August 3 – August 7
5-Day Session: $240 Local / $275 Non-Local

On the water, on the wind

Keep an eye to the sky as we venture onto the island and bays to see the many songbirds, water birds, and raptors that are over our heads and under the waves. With binoculars in hand, zoom in on a gull colony then search for perched peregrines at the Precipice.  Listen for the call of loons while floating on a pond and behold the stunning perspective of a bird’s-eye view. Test the dynamics of flight, craft with feathers, and explore the many wonders of our feathered friends.

August 10 – August 13
4-Day Session: $200 Local / $235 Non-Local


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