Gift to Honor a Loved One

A gift given in honor or memory of someone special is a powerful way to establish a link with the past and a promise for the future. Memorial or honorary gifts are meaningful and lasting tributes to a loved one.

We have a variety of ways to create a memorial or honorary gift. Naming a student scholarship fund, dedicating a room or space, or establishing a faculty chair are just a few examples.

Creating a gift in honor of a loved one is a very personal decision that you will want to make in consultation with those close to you. College of the Atlantic is happy to assist you in formulating a plan that will honor your intentions, and help you to realize the maximum advantages from such a contribution.


  1. An outright gift can include an immediate income tax deduction and reduction of estate tax
  2. By giving long-term appreciated property, you avoid capital gains tax.
  3. The legacy you create often inspires others to support College of the Atlantic.

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