Insurance Waiver and Enrollment Process

College of the Atlantic requires that all full-time, matriculated students have health insurance coverage while enrolled. Every student will be enrolled in the COA Health Insurance Plan unless they waive out of the plan by providing proof of comparable insurance coverage by the waiver deadline. Please read the following information regarding the waiver and enrollment processes.


If you have health insurance and wish to waive the College of the Atlantic Student Health Plan, go to and click on the "Waive Insurance" link and follow the instructions to complete the waiver form. The form will request the name and policy number of your current insurance plan, so have that information available. A successful waiver will generate an electronic confirmation which should be kept for your records. You have only one opportunity to waive the insurance via the website. If you need to make any change in your election to waive the coverage, you will need to contact Lauren Rupp at or 207-801-5671.

For the 2014-2015 Academic Year, the waiver process will be available beginning May 30, 2014 and will continue through August 18, 2014. However, waivers received by June 20, 2014 will result in no health insurance charges being added to your bill. After June 20th, you will still be able to access the waiver system, however we would encourage you to waive the health insurance as soon as possible.

Please Note: Once we have reached the August 18, 2014 deadline, anyone who has not already waived the health insurance WILL BE PLACED on the insurance roster and WILL HAVE ALREADY BEEN BILLED for the entire academic year. NO REFUNDS WILL BE MADE. (Also, there are not mid-year removals from the plan).

If you do not complete the online waiver by the August 18, 2014 deadline, you will be automatically enrolled in the COA Student Health Plan and your student account will be charged. Insurance ID cards will be placed in On-Campus Mailboxes at the beginning of the term. A temporary card can be issued upon request after the waiver deadline has passed.

Premium Cost

  • Fall Term: $1,380
    (coverage from 8/15/14-8/15/15)
  • Winter Term: $946
    (coverage from 1/1/15-8/15/15)
  • Spring Term: $723
    (coverage from 3/22/15-8/15/15)

waive student insurance

The waiver process for the 2014-2015 Academic Year began on May 30, 2014. Please click HERE to access the online waiver system.