Is COA Right for Me?

You're curious and self-directed.

You love to dig into complex questions.

You connect best with dynamic teachers who challenge you to think in new ways.

You're looking for a school that's also a community.

You care about what you learn, but also how you learn it.

You have multiple areas of interest and don't want your college major to box you in.

You see things in the world you'd like to change, and you allow yourself to believe that all dreams are practical.

Does any of this sound familiar? If you like the idea of small, rigorous classes in a beautiful place, are looking for a tight-knit community that respects individualism, think far enough out of the box to want your studies to encompass several fields, and get excited about the notion of a hands-on, minds-on education, COA could be a great fit for you. We encourage you to schedule a visit to campus or sign up for more information

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Student Spotlight

I admire people who have somehow helped others in their societies and personal contexts.

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Student Spotlight

"A COA education isn't handed to you, it's something you do, something you engage in, and something that shapes who you are."

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Student Spotlight

"My time at COA has made me more conscious about the politics of identity and more critical about my role in effecting social change, especially when it affects groups that I can't honestly call myself a part of."

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