Study Spaces for Reserve

Library Seminar Room

The library seminar room is available for group study or meetings when not already reserved for classes or other academic purposes.  Please contact the library (801-5665) for availability and to make reservations.   When not reserved, the room is available on a first-come, first-served basis.  This room has video-conferencing capabilities.

Senior Project Study Carrels

Each term, four library carrels are available for reservation by seniors working on their senior projects.  Due to demand, priority is given to those who have not reserved a carrel previously.  Requests for a carrel (or any senior project study space on campus) should be submitted to Millard Dority ( or 201-801-5690) along with your signed senior project proposal.

Supplies for Sale

The library sells a number of items you may find helpful for homework, presentations, reports, etc.

Stationary Supplies
Envelopes, standard $.05/each
Envelopes, 8.5x11 $.20/each
Erasers $.50/each
Folders, 2 pockets $.50/each
Folders, manila $.25/each
Glue sticks $.50/each
Highlighters $.50/each
Marker (Sharpie) - Extra Fine $.50/each
Marker (Sharpie) - Fine $.50/each
Paper clips $.75/box
Pencil Lead for Mechanical Pencils $1/box
Pencil, Mechanical $.75/each
Pencil, Wooden $.05/each
Pens $.75/each
Photo Paper - 8.5x11 $.20/sheet
Plastic Binding Combs 20-450 pages $.10-$1/each
Report Covers, clear & color $.40/each
Transparencies $.25/each


Computer & Multi-media Supplies
Batteries (AA, 2/pack) S2.50/each
CD-R $.60/each
DVD-R $.85/each
Flash Drive (32 GB) $10/each
Mini DV Tape (60 Min) $5/each


Library Tote Bag $5/each