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Before COA

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Bruce did many different things. Among other jobs, he worked in photovoltaics, did a stint driving tractor-trailers with a friend, and worked as an R&D clinical chemist before deciding to get his degree.

What else?

He came to COA as a student at age 36 where he met his future wife, Atsuko Watabe. He simultaneously took an interest in conservation of endangered species that ultimately led to a focus on tropical fruit bat ecology. After doing bat fieldwork on Borneo for his graduate degree, he went into teaching for five years at a private K-12 school in the Hudson Valley offering courses in biology, chemistry, middle school science, survival and other elective courses.

With an itch to return to Maine, he came back and got a job at COA in admissions and financial aid, covering international recruiting for seven years until most of his attention was required in the financial aid office.


Today, Bruce still maintains an active interest in bats, offering a bat ecology program every year for COA’s summer Family Nature Camp and helping students during the regular part of the year that have an interest in the furry creatures. He and Atsuko live with their yellow lab rescue dog, Omiso, in their log home in Bar Harbor.