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IM - Introductory/Intermediate

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  • AD - Arts & Design
  • HY - History

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The student will be introduced to the post-modern stream of visual culture that places nature and our relationship to it within the context of pressing global issues.

These artworks engage with nature by their placement in site-specific locations, through new modes of picturing, and/or through the appropriation of natural materials.

Many of the artists we will examine make use of new tools designed for industrial purpose, medical, technological, or scientific research. Other artists utilize organic materials to craft their designs. These artists appropriate the role of “researcher” in order to bring attention to ecologies that human beings have disrupted or will disrupt. How these artists bring us to a deeper understanding of our relationship with nature through new media is our concern.

Evaluation is based on class participation, evidence of completion of weekly readings, a final paper, and a class presentation. The class will take at least one field trip.



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