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M - Intermediate

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  • ADS - Arts & Design Studio

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A documentary video or film purports to present factual information about the world.

A documentary may take a stand, state an opinion, or advocate a solution to a problem. A documentary may function in the realm of art. Documentaries may compile images from archival sources, interview testimonies about social movements or events, record an ongoing event “as it happens”, or synthesize these and other techniques.

We will look at various documentaries both historic and contemporary, and a number of strategies and styles, including; video diaries/autobiographical works, cinema verite, propaganda, documentary activism, nature documentaries, and experimental genres.

Students will learn the basics of video production, including, using a video camera, video editing, production planning, lighting, microphone use, and interview techniques. Students will make several documentary projects, both collaboratively and individually. Students will be evaluated on their participation in group discussions and critiques, and on the documentary projects they produce.


Any introductory level arts and design studio course or film history course (previous video production experience is not required).

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