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MA - Intermediate/Advanced

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Meets the following requirements:

  • ADS - Arts & Design Studio

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Typically offered:

Once every three years

This studio course offers students an opportunity for in-depth study of contemporary issues, applications and techniques in graphic design.

Students will pursue conceptual problem solving through creative exercises and theoretical and applied studio projects. Particular emphasis will be placed on advancing skills in creative problem-solving, typography, layout, image generation and preparing art for print. Digital and hands-on methods (techniques such as block print) for image generation will be explored to create original illustrations. Projects will include typography and illustration exercises, identity design, environmental design and interpretive information design.

Students will be encouraged to solicit a design project from the local community and produce it in the context of the class by engaging in the creative process from concept to production oversight during the course of the ten-week term. In addition to structured class assignments, students will have an opportunity to propose and pursue their own design projects.

This class will be conducted in seminar/studio format. Emphasis will be placed on the design process—from creation to production, the timely completion of project phases, creative solutions, and advancing skill in typography, layout, and image generation. The detailed schedule will depend largely on the course make-up and individual project proposals.


Signature of Instructor, Graphic Design Studio 1.

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