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MA - Intermediate/Advanced

Class size limit:


Meets the following requirements:

  • ED - Educational Studies
  • HS - Human Studies

This course focuses on the segment of the human life span from puberty to early adulthood.

In this class we will examine the physical, cognitive, social, and moral aspects of adolescent growth and development. Issues to be considered include adolescent relationships (peers, family, romantic), adolescent issues (identity formation, at risk behavior, schooling, and stereotypes), and critical reflection on one’s own adolescent experience.

The main objectives of this course are to: 1) provide students with a working knowledge of the theories of psychology which pertain to early adolescent development; 2) help students develop the ability to critically analyze information and common assumptions about the development of adolescents; 3) consider contemporary issues and concerns of the field; and 4) to afford students the opportunity to explore their own adolescent development. Course work entails lecture, discussion, extensive case analysis, and a field component.


Educational Psychology, Personality, or other introductory level psychology.

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