Course code:



A - Advanced

Meets the following requirements:

  • ED - Educational Studies

The student teaching internship represents the student teaching requirement for COA’S teacher certification candidates. Success in this experience is a pivotal criterion in the student’s certification candidacy.

The student is placed in a school, usually in the immediate region, with a cooperating teacher who teaches subjects and grade levels that match the certification goals of the student. The roles of student teacher, cooperating teacher, school principal, and COA supervisor are discussed and agreed upon in advance. Incrementally, the student teacher becomes familiar with class routines and gradually takes responsibility for teaching.

Within the 15-week experience, the student teacher must take on a full load (all classes and all duties) for the number of weeks agreed upon by all parties. This period of time varies with subjects, grade level, and specific student goals.

The COA supervisor visits the schools in a liaison capacity, and also evaluates the student teacher’s performance a minimum of eight times in the term. Student teachers meet together regularly to discuss such issues as curriculum planning, instruction, best teaching practices, classroom learning environment and broader educational issues. Students may use student teaching to fulfill the COA internship requirement if it is completed prior to graduation.



Permission of Ed Studies Program Director.

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