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I - Introductory

Meets the following requirements:

  • QR - Quantitative Reasoning
  • ES - Environmental Science

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This is the second half of a two-term sequence designed to help students describe and understand properties of materials.

This course begins with a survey of how the internal structure of atoms leads to the formation of different sorts of bonds between them. It then considers how weaker forces can arise between molecules and the sorts of physical phenomena that such forces explain.

The class concludes by considering how to describe and explain the rates at which (and the extents to which) chemicals reactions occur and applies such descriptions and explanations to common types of reactions (acid/base and redox). Throughout the course, examples are drawn from living systems, the natural environment, and industrial products.

The course meets for three hours of lecture/discussion and for three hours of lab each week. Chemistry I is a strongly recommended a prerequisite for this course.

Evaluations are based on class participation, homework, midterm and final exams and a term project or paper.



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