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IM - Introductory/Intermediate

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Every other year

Nearly 80% of all described species belong to the class Insecta.

Due to their abundance, diversity and adaptability, insects are crucial components of terrestrial, freshwater and human-made ecosystems. Students with a background in entomology can apply their knowledge of insects to many other fields, including botany, ecology, anthropology, epidemiology and medicine, agriculture, climate change, visual arts, history, and even the culinary arts.

This course will give students a sampling of entomological applications within these diverse fields. Students will be given a solid introduction to insect biology, ecology, taxonomy and identification through lectures, lab sessions and field trips. They will assemble their own insect collections and will learn to identify all Maine insect orders and many common insect families.

Lectures, field trips, and readings will emphasize the important role of insects in human lives and our impact on the environment. Students will be evaluated on their insect collections, performance on lab quizzes, participation, and one paper with presentation.



Bio 1 or permission of instructor.

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