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M - Intermediate

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This is a course in the history and culture of the Yucatec Maya offered as part of the College’s Yucatán Program in Mexico.

It will cover key features of the Pre-Hispanic, Colonial, and Modern eras. Readings will include classic texts by and about them as well as contemporary studies in archaeology and anthropology. Themes will include social structure, religion, politics, agricultural practices, language and family life.

Homework will include various short writing assignments and oral project reports. Field trips in and around Mérida will be included both to visit archaeological sites of special interest and also to visit contemporary communities of Maya.

Each student will do a major final project which will include research in texts and fieldwork which culminate in an extended study on site in a Maya village.

This course will be taught entirely in Spanish.



Signature of Yucatan program director and co-enrollment in HS6010 Spanish Language and HS2021 Immersion Practica.

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