Getting here:

I came to Bar Harbor when I was nine years old and took a picture with a lobster. Then my parents drove past the school and said it’d be funny if I ended up here.


Human Ecology Core Course, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Globalization/Anti-Globalization, History of the American Conservation Movement, Biology I, Writing Seminar I, This Changes Everything: Cases in Futures Studies, Conspiracy Theory and Political Discourse, Ethics of Technology: Artificial Intelligence and the Posthuman (Independent Study), Ethnographic Fieldwork, Introduction to Research Methods in Human Studies, Ethnography Advocacy and Ethics, Problems and Dilemmas in Contemporary Bioethics, Cultural Resistance and Counter-hegemonic Cultures, Introduction to the Philosophy of the Mind, Choice Chance and Tragedy, Waste, New Mexico Monster Course (Art and Culture in Northern New Mexico, Native American Literature with a Focus on New Mexico, and Processing the Unexpected Journey), Introduction to Statistics and Research Design, History of Continental Philosophy (Independent Study), Multispecies Ethnography (Independent Study), Topics in Philosophical Psychology: Other Minds, Introduction to the Study of Religion, Tutorial: Advanced Study of Corvidae

Favorite class:

Cultural Resistance and Counter-hegemonic Cultures. 


I will be interning with a carnivore conservation biologist and will be conducting interviews with livestock farmers in mid-coast Maine about coyotes.

Life on Mount Desert Island:

You should probably go outside, sometimes.

Activities, traditions, celebrations:

I’m student member of the Ethical Research Review Board and an assistant for the Food and Sustainable Agriculture Systems program.

Passions & motivations:

Ethnography, continental philosophy, artificial intelligence, coyotes, and insurrection.

Best meal on campus:

Coffee. The only meal I eat is breakfast.

COA might be the right college for you if...

you are idealistic or passionate about something, don’t want to be on a set path in your studies, and are open to gaining new unexpected interests.


“Earth is so amazing!!! What the hell is a spider?!! Look at them close up! This life truly has some special mysteries for us, love u - Lil B”


Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

I don’t like dichotomies.