Getting here:

One of the professors is a peer of mine and had mentioned a couple times that I should really check out COA- I was currently in my freshman year at another school. I blew it off thinking it wasn’t the school for me because I wasn’t interested in marine biology or environmentalism but then I looked at a course catalog and was blown away by the diversity and unique nature of the classes offered. I was, at the time, feeling pigeon holed by the traditional major system and loved the idea of designing my own curriculum at COA based on my personal interests and passions. 


Favorite class:

All the classes I have taken have been amazing but I’d have to say that Documentary Film Studio has been one of my favorites. I discovered a love for film making, a new genre to express my creativity within and what will hopefully be a lifelong hobby. 


I interned at Mabel Wadsworth Women’s Health Center in Bangor. Mabel’s is a privately funded feminist health center dedicated to empowering the community through knowledge and resources. They are also one of the only places to offer trans healthcare. 

Adventures yet to come:

I hope to hang my shingle as a sex-positive therapist with a side passion for advocating for and perhaps teaching Holistic Comprehensive Sexuality Education. 


COA might be the right college for you if...

…you are curious, engaged, passionate and possess a modicum of self discipline….