Getting here:

We first had a hard time finding COA; it is almost camouflaged in the surroundings and my dad even asked if this was a real school. I felt at home from the first time I set foot on campus. A cozy campus between the ocean and the forest felt just right and it still does. 


I choose classes by taking what captures my attention. I am interested in many subjects but I find myself often taking a mix of Education, visual arts and ecology I really enjoy the way I see them mixing together and feel that classes are more than an academic trajectory but opportunities for personal growth.

Some of the classes I’ve taken: Museum Practicum, Intermediate Drawing, Ecology-Natural History, Curiosity and Wonder-Design and interpretation in the museum and Experiential Education

Favorite class:

It is hard to pinpoint a favorite class as they are all so different. But one class that surprised me was Herpetology. We got to learn about reptiles and amphibians from Maine and the world through a mix of in-class theory and time in the field. When your professor is so excited to see spotted salamanders that you think he’s going to jump for joy it’s impossible for that enthusiasm to not be contagious. Being in the field seeing the beautiful creatures in front of your eyes I think touches us in a childlike way that is so important to keep. It’s a special sense of curiosity and wonder for the beauty of the world.


Studio Art Intern-Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

I helped in studio art classes for age 5 to 18. The ability to spend a summer in the museum allowed me to explore my interest in museum education as well as spend countless hours drawing in the galleries during my lunch break and after work.

COA might be the right college for you if...

the idea of having to fit in one major makes you sick to the stomach.


There is a certain texture of light that passes through the trees after classes when I walk back to my house in town. A deep yellow that feels as though I could physically swim in its warmth of orange undertones.