Getting here:

I discovered COA through my homeschool director, who is an alum of COA. I visited, fell in love, and then did a summer program here as a student and then came as a Fall Fly-In. I applied Early Decision and came here as my first choice.

Favorite class:

I have taken many great classes, but the most useful/fun/engaging was Debate with Jamie McKown. Not only is he a superb professor, but the class applies to so many parts of life beyond actual debates. My research skills and argument synthesis is so much better because of that class.


I interned in Baltimore at a recording studio. There I worked in the studio running recording sessions and working as an assistant engineer. I also worked on a lot of live gigs, mixing bands of all genres and calibers. 

Senior project:

I am planning to go to Kenya or Tanzania to meet the Maasai tribes and record the traditional music there. I would like to look at it through the lens of places and place-making, examining how the location and environment affected the music and vice-versa.

Life on Mount Desert Island:

If you enjoy the outdoors and can handle some cold, the Island is great. Fairly remote, it makes getting away easy, but it’s not to hard to go find some civilization nearby. The people are very friendly and the College is welcome in many establishments.

Activities, traditions, celebrations:

The Week 10 all-nighter is a tradition I have done since the beginning of my Freshman year. Camp-out in TAB and finish up all of the work needed with a mountain of snacks. I am on the Student Activities Committee helping to organize and host a variety of events. I handle all of the outreach of COFA and present on Middle Eastern Affairs. I run the Recording Studio on campus and co-own a record label with two other students. I also play a host of instruments for fun.

Passions & motivations:

Music, recording, business, entrepreneurship, Foreign Affairs, push-ups

Best meal on campus:

Dahl and BBQ Sauce. You have to supply the BBQ sauce, but it’s delicious. Also the Chocolate Oat Bars.

COA might be the right college for you if...

If you can tolerate a bunch of hippies and not enough freedom or American Flags, can stand to deal with mediocre burgers, and don’t mind a bunch of people trying to tell you that the water isn’t that cold (they all lie), then COA is probably not going to get you killed.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Depends, religion says the Chicken; science says the egg. I say the omelette.