Getting here:

I first heard about COA while at Conserve School, a semester school in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.


  • Human Ecology; Marine Biology; Differential Equations
  • Constructing Visual Narrative; Oil Painting; Biology I
  • Natural Resources; History of Filmmaking II; Biology II
  • Changing Schools, Changing Society; Fractals & Scaling; Edible Botany
  • Play Production Workshop; Advanced Composition; Animation I
  • Intro to Economics; Postcolonial Islands; Studio Printmaking
  • the 10-day HELIO 2016 program in Ōsakikamijima
  • Negotiating Wonder; Intro to Comedic Improv; Actor Training
  • Human Ecology Abroad in Taiwan — Intercultural Education; Intro Mandarin Chinese; Essay-writing Ind. study
  • Nature of Narrative; Advanced Drawing; Object & Performance

Favorite class:

Play Production Workshop: myself, 8 other students, and Jodi Baker locked ourselves in the newly renovated 1932 Criterion Theatre for 10 weeks last winter and squeezed out a play. We enacted The Sneeze by Michael Frayn, a collection of 8 short stories and plays by Anton Chekhov. It was challenging, eye-opening, and the most fun I’ve ever had.



I spent this summer at The Cannery at South Penobscot, an experimental community arts space in the 1200-strong village of Penobscot, Maine (an hour west of COA). My supervisor, Leslie Ross, is a professional maker of historical bassoons as well as a sound and music artist. While there, I helped with cleaning, moving, carpentry, electric, cooking, recording, building a website (above), and graphic design.

Human ecology?

Senior project:

A cartoon, I hope

Activities, traditions, celebrations:

Sunburns and sore toes from fútbol on the front lawn

Passions & motivations:

food, cartoons, Earth, people,

Best meal on campus:

PRF Egg Salad w/ BHF hot sauce

Twice-baked potatoes


COA might be the right college for you if...

…you like talking to teachers, collaborating with them, cracking jokes with them, and picking their brains!


Dave Feldman’s office lit up at 10pm on a Saturday

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?