Getting here:

My best friend from high school’s mother went to COA back in the day. When said friend of mine and I began looking for potential colleges, she strongly suggested COA to me. I visited, loved it, and now here I am!

Favorite class:

My favorite class has to be Movement Training Basics which I am actually taking this term. It’s with Jodi Baker, who is one of MY favorite professors here. I go to class two morning a week and we try to better understand the ways in which our bodies work. We get our blood pumping and pay close attention to the other members of the class as we work towards a unified company. Then, for homework, we divide up into groups for projects that we bring to class for revision. One project I did was to act out the story of The Deathly Hallows with just my body and the bodies of the two other women in my group. Not only am I having fun and learning a lot, but this class is a great way for me to get my exercise in during the Winter!

Senior project:

For my senior project I would love to build my own tiny house! And hopefully, I will be able to live sustainably and minimalize my footprint by living in the tiny house I build for years to come.

Activities, traditions, celebrations:

Holy-moley. I regularly attend the All College Meetings, I am a member of Steering, I am a co-leader of the Midwifery Group, I am the student representative of the Sexual Assault Support Group, a member of a working group for political action, I play board-games Tuesday evening, cards every Wednesday morning, Dungeons and Dragons on Wednesday nights, and I am also a Resident Advisor of Seafox! 

Best meal on campus:

Mac-n-cheese with butternut squash and mushroom, and savory tofu!!!! It is LITERALLY the best meal you will ever eat.