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IM - Introductory/Intermediate

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Every other year

This course teaches the underlying principles of improvisational comedy. Improv at its most basic level is about agreement, cooperation, and collaboration towards a common goal. Improvisers must offer their support/agreement in a very real and active way by listening to their fellow performers and by offering their own ideas/initiations/creativity. In this way people work together to build a scene/story out of nothing but pure creativity and the willingness to support and agree with one another. The most fundamental idea of improvisational comedy is captured in the phrase “Yes, and….” Every improviser is responsible for saying “Yes…” to every idea he or she receives and to add her or his own input and ideas. Students will be taught the basic principles of improvisation and will get a chance to improvise in each class. Classes will consist of ensemble building warm-ups, theatrical improvisational games, and improv scene work that will encourage each participant to offer their ideas without judgment. We will also explore The Harold which is the classic Chicago long form structure.



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