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A - Advanced

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Upon occasion

In this advanced level tutorial students will advance knowledge and skill in archiving and cataloguing a collection through a hands-on project. Students will work alongside students in the “Curiosity and Wonder” course to complete a project in the realm of collections management, archival work, artifact conservation, research, or curatorial activity. The student will continue beyond the course involvement in this activity and work on it as an independent project throughout the term.

In addition, students will participate in and help to guide the process of developing a special group exhibition in the course “Curiosity and Wonder” that will be installed in the George B Dorr Museum. Students will gain new skill and experience in project management, and practice existing skills in exhibition development and design, and visual communication.

Evaluation will focus on the level of accurate detail, thoroughness, and also amount of collection cataloguing achieved in a ten-week period as well as the level of creativity, succinctness of written material, clarity of visual materials and level of organizational skills expressed in the completion of a group exhibition project for the George B. Dorr Museum.


Permission of instructor.

Always visit the Registrar's Office for the official course catalog and schedules.