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M - Intermediate

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  • ADS - Arts & Design Studio

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Intermediate Drawing continues the technical and perceptual issues covered in Drawing I as a foundation to investigate conceptual and process based modes of drawing. The term will begin with observational drawing but move towards narrative, abstraction, and more independent projects that reveal how drawing can be used as a way of exploring concepts as well as subjects. Class time will also include lectures directly pertaining to these concerns in order to provide a historical or methodological context for proceeding with drawing projects and assignments. This studio working environment will be similar to a workshop where students will investigate and share ideas, techniques, and interpretations in an open collegial environment. A particular emphasis will be placed on the student’s verbal aptitude in meaningfully conveying conceptual, technical, and pictorial concerns discussed in class and in relation to their work. Students will be assigned readings, write about their work and deliver a presentation focusing on the work of a contemporary artist relevant to their development. Evaluation will be based on drawing projects, participation and articulation of concepts as demonstrated in critiques and engagement with course topics.



Drawing I, Two-Dimensional Design or instructor approval by evidence of equivalent experience.

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