Transforming Food Systems, Biology: Form & Function, Solutions, Anthropology of Food, Chemistry, Gardens and Greenhouses, Feminist Theory, Writing Seminar, Ceramics, U.S. Farm & Food Policy, History of Agriculture: Apples

Life on Mount Desert Island:

MDI is a sweet community. Having Acadia as our backyard is an incredible privilege if you enjoy hiking and being outside. There are beautiful spots around every corner. Bar Harbor has many nice spots, 2 personal favorites: Chocolatte, the coffee shop where you will always run into at least 7 COA students or staff members & MDI ice cream, where you can get Basil or Ginger ice cream that will 90% of the time be scooped for you by a COA student.  


Activities, traditions, celebrations:

Beech Hill Farm, Share the Harvest, Earth in Brackets, community dinners on Sunday nights 


Adventures yet to come:

Hike every peak in Acadia National Park, and hopefully every trail!

Travel… I hope to do the Yucatán Program, I also plan on incorporating work with farmers and community food organizers in Central & South America, Africa or New Zealand with my studies and projects at COA.

Perhaps a semester at Alaska Pacific University to study Outdoor Education


Best meal on campus:

Wednesday brunch:

Huevos Rancheros, sweet potato homefries, fruit salad, green salad and a black tea, butterscotch, currant scone. I am still thinking about it…

COA might be the right college for you if...

you see everything as inherently connected.