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I - Introductory

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What do we need, want, or appreciate in a house in order to survive, live comfortably, or thrive? Students will explore these fundamental human questions while learning the basics of design and construction and working together on building a tiny house on a trailer. In the process, students will: gain skills using design software like Sketch-Up; understand and practice basic power tool safety; understand and apply basic building component concepts such as structural systems, plumbing, electricity, insulation, and finishes; and choose appropriate building materials to optimize energy efficiency and use of space. Students will assess the challenge and make core decisions (e.g., What will the structure be used for? What are the budget restraints? What are our environmental concerns?), explore a variety of tools and methods to envision and develop their designs, and participate in all aspects of construction. Course activities include discussions, fieldtrips, guest speakers, research, and construction. Students will be evaluated on what they contribute to the group project in terms of energy and time in participation, their skill development, ability to apply their understanding to the construction process, and ability to think outside the box in regard to their own designs.


Demonstrated ability to take a project from concept to completion, and permission of instructor.

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