Getting here:

I first came here two years ago in 2015 during a summer trip called Islands Through Time. I found ITT through random chance and a really helpful school counselor and teacher. This program really made me realize that this place is exactly what I love with the food, the teachers, the students, and the environment (both physical and social). The only thing I wish that people told me even before I knew what college I was going to is that my first school that I attend does not have to be the only one I attend. That I can transfer easily between schools and that is not a bad thing. I realized this when I met all of the transfer students around me and realized that your decision is not finite. It is not a contract.


I have only taken three classes because I am a first year and in the fall term as of writing this:

Human Ecology Core Course

Organic Chemistry 1

Introduction to Guitar

I plan on focusing on science (Hence the Organic Chemistry for my first term) and trying as much as I can before deciding what I want to do.

Favorite class:

So far it is actually the Human Ecology Core Course because I love the teacher and absolutely love discussing books and their meaning in a deeper sense.


I hope to internship in as many ways and as many times as possible throughout all of my 4 years because I want to experience whatever I can.

Senior project:

I have no clue. Ask Again Later

Passions & motivations:

Understanding the World in every way possible

Adventures yet to come:

5 years: Graduate School

10 years: Field Research of Some Kind

Best meal on campus:

The pasta is by far my favorite so far and is absolutely amazing. I am not a food critic too much.

COA might be the right college for you if...

You think that we are not doing enough to fix the world and that you know a better way, but don’t know how you can help.


There is the best bench by the seaside behind Seafox, it is the perfect place to just read a book.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Easy! The ancestor of both!