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    Building a Bioliterate Future, One Organism at a Time
    Expanding our understanding of the many species of animals living around us is crucial to protecting the Earth’s biodiversity, evolutionary ecologist Dr. Dan Janzen tells College of the Atlantic’s Human Ecology Forum, and with the advent of DNA barcoding, it’s easier now than ever before.
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    Wilderness Trip Reaches for the Heights
    College of the Atlantic’s Outdoor Orientation Programs (OOPs) include hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, and more, giving incoming students opportunities to discover themselves, their classmates, and the great outdoors. The Baxter Peaks trip sends students on a six-day journey through Maine’s rugged Baxter State Park.
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    Education Students and Maine Teachers Gather for SUCCESS

    College of the Atlantic students and education professionals study place-based education, mindfulness, and connecting the local with the global at the Sustainable Coastal Communities, Educators, Students, and Schools Institute, a collaboration between COA and Island Institute.