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    Nnimmo Bassey, Nigerian climate activist

    THE QUESTION: If people struggling under great odds and danger could persist, what’s my excuse?

    THE RESPONSE: A graphic biography of Nnimmo Bassey, a Nigerian climate justice activist.


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    In 2016, COA art faculty member Sean Foley explored the qualities of wonder in art. Currently, and for the last four years, he’s also been exploring the humor, frustration, and sadness inherent within a more personal subject, the chronic depression that has been passed down through his paternal line. 

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    Conserving the World’s Largest Salmonid in the Land of Genghis Khan
    President Darron Collins ’92 speaks at The Explorers Club on a decade’s worth of exploration, fly-fishing and conservation in Mongolia’s Onon River watershed, birthplace of Genghis Khan. This event is also streaming live!