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    Exploring The Great West
    Ecology and Natural History of the American West is an intensive, field-based expeditionary program which takes students from Oregon to New Mexico and everywhere in between, giving them a fully immersive experience in the habitats and landscapes of the Western United States.
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    Building a Bioliterate Future, One Organism at a Time
    Expanding our understanding of the many species of animals living around us is crucial to protecting the Earth’s biodiversity, evolutionary ecologist Dr. Dan Janzen tells College of the Atlantic’s Human Ecology Forum, and with the advent of DNA barcoding, it’s easier now than ever before.
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    How one Tiny Maine Island Prepares Budding Scientists for a Warmer World [BDN]
    Though it has been consistently occupied for nearly 200 years, this small, treeless island 20 miles off the coast of Maine has never been all that habitable to humans and is expected to become even less so. With the Gulf of Maine warming faster than most oceans around the world, College of the Atlantic’s remote research station is on the front lines of climate change.