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    Trump Climate Decision Won’t Stop Student Efforts
    Despite President Trump’s dangerous abandonment of the Paris climate accord, COA President Darron Collins ’92 says, the fight for climate justice must go on.
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    This is how You and Your Child Select the Right College (Washington Post)
    Colleges and universities that enable students to gain the skills that come from engaging in dialogue with faculty and peers, in asking complex, nuanced questions, and in respectfully challenging authority are exciting, formative places that are helping us shape the kind of critical thinkers we’ll need in the years ahead, says COA president Darron Collins ’92.
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    COA President Declares Support for International Students
    As an executive order banning U.S. entry from seven predominantly Muslim nations causes fear and chaos around the country, COA President Darron Collins ’92 issues a letter to the COA community reiterating the college’s commitment to providing “an open, inclusive, educational experience regardless of national identity and immigration status.”