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    Interview with Congresswoman Chellie Pingree [Hunter College NYC Food Policy Center]
    College of the Atlantic alumna Chellie Pingree ’79 (D-Maine) discusses her latest efforts in support of sustainable food systems and her unique introduction to agriculture and plant sciences as a student at COA.
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    Congressional Rep. Calls for More Women in Politics
    “One gender doesn’t own all goodness, but in a circumstance like this, in which you have to use unconventional means to move forward, there should be more women in politics,” U.S. Rep. and College of the Atlantic alumna Chellie Pingree ’79 tells the COA community during a video visit.
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    Learning to Lobby: a Trip to the State Legislature
    Fifteen bleary-eyed students from professor Ken Cline’s Intro to the Legal Process class pack into school vans at 5:30 a.m. for a journey to the Maine State House in Augusta. Their access to Maine’s lawmakers is inspiring and memorable.