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    Arctic Observations, Summer 2016: Greenland & the Canadian Arctic
    Photojournalist and Island Institute co-founder Peter Ralston shares images and reflections of his visit to the remote northern reaches of the planet at College of the Atlantic’s Human Ecology Forum.
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    Exploring Acadia: Our Best Classroom
    The COA George B. Dorr Museum of Natural History is completely transformed for the Acadia National Park Centennial, with exhibits showcasing the historic and contemporary collaboration of the park and the college.
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    Digging out the “Deep Things”
    Who knew that Charles Darwin, the man who spent nearly five years sailing around the world on a voyage that would provide key insights into the theory of evolution by natural selection, suffered from sea sickness? Or that Theodore Roosevelt—while still president—managed to slip away from all guardians of the nation to go camping with naturalist John Muir for four days?