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    Acoustic Techniques Point Toward Better Whale Protection
    Data from a massive study using sound-based ocean monitoring methods could help make the case for enhanced protections for endangered North Atlantic right whales, according to whale researcher Dr. Sean Todd, the College of the Atlantic Steven K. Katona Chair in Marine Sciences.
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    Whale Research to Highlight Impacts of Climate Change
    Upcoming new research into the feeding habits of baleen whales in the Gulf of Maine – one of the fastest-warming bodies of water on the planet – could shed light on impacts of climate change on oceans worldwide.
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    Humpback Whale Baby Boom Near Antarctica [New York Times]
    College of the Atlantic Steven K. Katona Chair in Marine Sciences Dr. Sean Todd says that his first-hand observations agree with findings that humpbacks who live and breed in the southern oceans near Antarctica appear to be making a comeback, but that many dangers still lurk.


July 29th, 2018

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    College of the Atlantic’s Allied Whale is a leading marine mammal research organization, specializing in stranding r...

    Osprey: Islands Through Time Whale Watch

    All Day, College of the Atlantic Pier Islands Through Time is a two-week College of the Atlantic course for high school students interested in observing the world from the island perspective. Students spend about half their time on campus learning how to keep journals, play music, and explore local ecology. The second half is spent living at COA’s Alice Eno Field Research Station on Great Duck Island and exploring the area.