Studying Whales and Seals

A View from Mount Desert Rock:
Studying Whales and Seals in their Natural Habitat


The link below will take you to a preliminary day to day schedule of what I would like to cover in this course. It is preliminary since the timing of many of our activities will depend on a number of factors, such as the weather or the availability of specimens. We should be able to carry out most of the planned activities throughout the two weeks, although the order and the exact timing may change. Also, the program depends on the interests and backgrounds of the participants, so we have some flexibility there as well. Nevertheless, this outline will give you an idea of the range of activities we have planned and what our days together can look like. 

Topics refer to lectures, discussions or workshops. We will also explore some scientific papers hot off the press to provide you with an idea of what researchers in the marine mammal field are working on currently. Video sessions will be included if participants are interested and are based on natural history videos, such as David Attenborough’s BBC series.

Daily schedule pdf 

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