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    Going Online With The New Yorker
    NewYorker.com editor Nicholas Thompson offers a behind-the-scenes look into one of today’s most successful online magazines, at College of the Atlantic’s last Coffee and Conversation salon of the season on Tuesday, August 23.

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    50 Mainers Charting the State’s Future
    COA sustainable business professor Jay Friedlander is among Maine Magazine’s 2016 list of 50 Mainers “improving upon strengths rather than focusing on weaknesses, building upon the state’s numerous assets, and finding ways to leverage them to improve the lives of others.”
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    Gaining Inspiration from New England Naturalists
    A springtime journey to a lively annual gathering of natural science aficionados by six students and their professors brings great opportunities for peer-to-peer networking, context building, and research inspiration.


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    Ground—A Reprise of Photographs from the Farm Security Administration
    A collection of works from famous Great Depression photographers that were rejected by the Farm Security Administration and concealed within the Library of Congress for decades are illuminated in a new book by Bill McDowell ’80.
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    The Human Ecology of Fatherhood
    Fatherhood is challenging. It requires the intuition of a teacher, the skills of a dog trainer, and an open mind because this other person is in the active process of becoming, and who or what that means is unknowable.

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