Nishi Rajakaruna Co-Authored Publications

A selection of student co-authored papers done with Nishi Rajakaruna.

1. Gall, J. E. and N. Rajakaruna. 2013. The physiology, functional genomics, and applied ecology of heavy metal-tolerant Brassicaceae In: Brassicaceae: Characterization, Functional Genomics and Health Benefits (Ed. Minglin Lang), pp. 121-148. Nova Science Publishers, Inc., NY, USA (PDF)

2. Boyd, R. S. and N. Rajakaruna. 2013. Heavy Metal Tolerance. In: Oxford Bibliographies in Ecology. Ed. David Gibson.   New York: Oxford University Press (PDF)

3. Pope, N., Fong, M., Boyd, R., and N. Rajakaruna. 2013. The role of elevation and soil chemistry in the distribution and ion accumulation of floral morphs of Streptanthus polygaloides Gray (Brassicaceae), a Californian nickel hyperaccumulator. Plant Ecology and Diversity; DOI:10.1080/17550874.2013.783141 (PDF)

4. Harris, T.B., N. Rajakaruna, S.J. Nelson, and P.D. Vaux. 2012. Stressors and Threats to the Flora of Acadia National Park, Maine: Current Knowledge, Information Gaps, and Future Directions.  Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society 139: 323-344 (PDF)

5. Yost, J. M., Barry, T., Kay, K.M. and N. Rajakaruna. 2012. Edaphic adaptation maintains the coexistence of two cryptic species on serpentine soil. American Journal of Botany 99 (5): 890-897 (PDF)

6. R. E. O’Dell and N. Rajakaruna. 2011. Intraspecific variation, adaptation, and evolution. In: Harrison, S. P. and N. Rajakaruna (Eds.). Serpentine: Evolution and Ecology in a Model System, pp. 97-137. University of California Press, Berkeley, CA, USA (PDF Proofs)