Nishi Rajakaruna Co-Authored Publications

A selection of student co-authored papers done with Nishi Rajakaruna. 

-Neilson, S. and N. Rajakaruna. Phytoremediation of Agricultural Soils: Using plants to clean metal-contaminated arable lands. In: Phytoremediation: Management of Environmental Contaminants, pp. 159-168, Eds. A. A. Ansari, S. S. Gill, G. R. Lanza, and L. Newman. Springer (PDF).

- Medeiros, I. D., Fryday, A. M., and N. Rajakaruna. 2014. Additional lichen records and minerological data from metal-contaminated sites in Maine.  Rhodora 116: 323-347 (PDF)

- Mansfield, M., Pope, N., Mittlehauser, G., and N. Rajakaruna. 2014. Diversity and Soil-Tissue Elemental Relations of Vascular Plants of Callahan Mine, Brooksville, Maine, USA. Rhodora 116: 283-322 (PDF; undergraduate senior project of Maggie Mansfield; Supplementary Table)

- Gall, J. E. and N. Rajakaruna. 2013. The physiology, functional genomics, and applied ecology of heavy metal-tolerant Brassicaceae In: Brassicaceae: Characterization, Functional Genomics and Health Benefits (Ed. Minglin Lang), pp. 121-148. Nova Science Publishers, Inc., NY, USA (PDF)

- Boyd, R. S. and N. Rajakaruna. 2013. Heavy Metal Tolerance. In: Oxford Bibliographies in Ecology. Ed. David Gibson.   New York: Oxford University Press (PDF)

- Pope, N., Fong, M., Boyd, R., and N. Rajakaruna. 2013. The role of elevation and soil chemistry in the distribution and ion accumulation of floral morphs of Streptanthus polygaloides Gray (Brassicaceae), a Californian nickel hyperaccumulator. Plant Ecology and Diversity; DOI:10.1080/17550874.2013.783141 (PDF)

- Harris, T.B., N. Rajakaruna, S.J. Nelson, and P.D. Vaux. 2012. Stressors and Threats to the Flora of Acadia National Park, Maine: Current Knowledge, Information Gaps, and Future Directions.  Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society 139: 323-344 (PDF)

- Yost, J. M., Barry, T., Kay, K.M. and N. Rajakaruna. 2012. Edaphic adaptation maintains the coexistence of two cryptic species on serpentine soil. American Journal of Botany 99 (5): 890-897 (PDF)

- R. E. O’Dell and N. Rajakaruna. 2011. Intraspecific variation, adaptation, and evolution. In: Harrison, S. P. and N. Rajakaruna (Eds.). Serpentine: Evolution and Ecology in a Model System, pp. 97-137. University of California Press, Berkeley, CA, USA (PDF Proofs)

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