Operational Weather Forecasting


Students will start the week with an overview of meteorology and an introduction to operational forecasting. A field trip to view an instrument manufacturer is available. Forecasting will be completed daily in teams based on the geographic regions of the students.

Monday (AM)
Earth System,
Orbital Parameters, Radiation Budget, Atmospheric Makeup, Seasons,
History of General Circulation Theory, Ozone Layer

Monday (PM)
Global Circulation,
Orbital Forcing, Hadley and Ferrel Cells, Formation of Highs and Lows,
General Flow Patterns, Jetstreams, Polar Front, Concepts of Air Pressure and Winds, Semi-Permanent Systems

Tuesday (AM)
Synoptic Analysis
Formation of Air Masses, Fronts and Storms, General Circulation, Storm Life Cycle

Tuesday (PM)
Meteorology Lab Orientation

Wednesday (AM)
Local Effects, Storm Tracks, Sea Breeze, Valley Winds,
Thunderstorms, Tornadoes,
Hurricanes, Weather Instruments and Observations

Wednesday (PM)
Field Studies (Rainwise for instrumentation, Coast Guard for observation)
Natural Weather Prediction
Preliminary Forecasts

Thursday (AM)
Weather Forecasting, History, Folklore, Development, Modern Applications, Computer Models, Media Forecasting, Classroom Applications

Thursday (PM)
Forecasting Lab

Classroom Applications and
Forecasting Lab


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