We build this place together

Making change is a central part of COA’s mission. We put it into practice by involving students, faculty, and staff in governing the college. It’s not necessarily the easiest way to get things done, but there’s no question we all learn a lot in the process.

So many interests, so little time

Knitting, soccer, poetry, foreign affairs, rock-climbing, circus arts, activism, foraging for wild edibles. COA students tend to be really into whatever they’re into. Student activities here are a mix of organized clubs, getting outdoors in Acadia National Park, regular events like concerts, lectures, films, and open mics, and a healthy dose of creative spontaneity.

You’ll forge your own path, but you won’t be alone

COA is a great place for self-directed people: you’ll chart your own course, both in class and out. But it’s impossible to be anonymous in such a small community, and you’ll find plenty of fellow travelers with whom to share the journey.

And did we mention the food?

It’s ridiculously good.

 Stories from our community:

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    Music Extravaganza
    College of the Atlantic students are celebrating the transition from spring to summer—and from college student to graduate—with a night of music and art.
  • NEWS
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    From the Outside Looking In
    Erickson Smith ’15 has delighted us with his musical talents for years - at community talent shows, at open mic night on campus - and now his album, Outside Looking In, showcases more than just his musical prowess.
  • NEWS
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    “The Sneeze” Pleases the Senses
    A three-performance run of Anton Chekhov’s comic shorts brings some refined comic relief to the COA community as winter term draws to a close.