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350 Degree Vision of COA Offered at New Site
Spring 2012 - COA website

COA NewsworthyCOA. It's holistic. And multi-faceted. It's the story of a first-year student finding ways to collect and store water for villages in his native Bolivia, and of a first-year alumna seeking tales of kindness across the nation. It's printing workshops at Beech Hill Farm, power discussions in class. It's faculty pinning down specifics of why it's so hard to achieve sustainability and seniors ruminating on life in the guise of their human ecology essay.

 There's so much going on that COA has created a brand new site:

Check it out! From Aurora Ball-ealis to our zodiac-towing, just launched Osprey, Newsworthy offers a multiplicity of glimpses into what life is like at COA and beyond.

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    Where can you find student work, classroom stories, and alumni projects? Check out COA's Newsworthy site for the latest and greatest news stories!

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