Publications and Policies

The following publications and policies help to tell the story of College of the Atlantic's foundational commitment to environmental and social sustainability in all aspects of our curriculum and operations. 

Annual Sustainability Reports

Each year the college's director of sustainability and the student-led Campus Committee for Sustainability work together to compile a report of their activities and accomplishments.

2006–2007 Sustainability Report
2007–2008 Sustainability Report
2008–2009 Sustainability Report
2009–2010 Sustainability Report
2011–2012 Sustainability Report
2012–2013 Sustainability Report

Policies and Plans

COA's human ecological ethos has been at the core of our principles and practices since our first days as an institution. As much as possible, everything the college does — from our interdisciplinary educational approach to the food we serve, the paper we use, and the way we manage our campus grounds — is informed by a careful and holistic examination of how we want our actions to impact the environment around us, both locally and globally. Students, staff, and faculty are all involved in developing the policies and plans that govern the college. Below are examples that contribute to putting human ecological and sustainability principles into practice on campus.

Energy Framework (2013)

Divestment from Fossil Fuels (2013)

Containerized Water Policy (2010)

Wood and Paper Procurement Policy (2001)

Campus Environmental Initiative (1996)

Rainwater Management Initiatives