Seventh, Eighth and Ninth Grades

Mount Desert Mountaintops

Tie up those hiking boots and let’s hit the trails! Summit some of the most picturesque peaks on the island while gaining a new perspective on the landscapes and bodies of water below. Swim in a high elevation pond, meet with botanists, and investigate some of the hardy flora and fauna that make their home in the unique environment of the alpine zone. Plenty of games, art, and exploration along the trail!

June 23 – June 27
5-Day Session: $240 Local / $275 Non-Local

A Handmade Life: Arts & Culture

summer programsEncourage your creativity and keep your hands busy these weeks! March knee-high into fields to paint, learn to preserve harvested goods from the garden, visit a fiber farm downeast, make baskets, and carve a spoon from a piece of wood. Let the colors and forms in nature inspire your inner artist, as you experiment creating two-dimensional and three-dimensional artwork from natural materials that you will find on Mount Desert Island.
[*We will not meet on the 4th of July.]

June 30 – July 11
2-Week Session: $400 Local / $430 Non-Local

Pedaling & Paddling

summer programsPut some miles behind you as we spend our days biking along the carriage roads and canoeing across the island's fresh water.  Buckle your helmets and PFD's and enjoy the scenery of Acadia National Park in motion. Learn about carriage road history and construction, canoe strokes, navigation, and aquatic ecology. Take in the vistas and stop for a swim along the way.

July 14 – July 17
4-Day Session: $200 Local / $235 Non-Local

The Maine Woods

Spend a week exploring the ecology, arts, and conservation of MDI and Penobscot bay, then head north into the Maine woods on the trail of Henry David Thoreau, camping along Moosehead lake and the Penobscot river's headwaters. Visit the proposed North Woods national park, swim in crystal clear lakes, and look over millions of acres of working forest and wilderness from mountain peaks. Keep your eyes peeled for moose and bears!
*This session includes an extended overnight from 7/28-7/31.

July 21 – July 31
2-Week Overnight Session: $450 Local / $480 Non-Local

Downeast Islands

Island life defines the character of coastal Maine. Experience how being separate from shore made individual and independent communities. Visit several islands—on salt and fresh water—and see what makes each one unique. Watch the habits of seabirds and seals, visit with island artists, and learn the ins and outs of boat building. Join us for an overnight camping trip to a nearby island and find out why Rachel Lyman Field said, “if once you have slept on an island, you’ll never be quite the same.”
*This session includes an extended overnight from 8/11-8/14.

August 4 – August 142-Week Overnight Session: $450 Local / $480 Non-Local


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