Climate and Weather


Level: Intermediate                                                                                                  Term: Spring 2013

This class will explore general weather and climate patterns on global, regional, and local scales.  We will discuss the major forcings driving global climate fluctuations - on both long (Millions of years) and short (days) timescales, both natural and anthropogenic in nature. We will also learn about basic meteorological prediction and the processes producing some common spectacular optical weather phenomena (rainbows, coronas, cloud-types, etc). The students will complete a term project comprising a photo-documentary journal of the different weather phenomena they observe during the 10-week term. The field component of this course will be self-guided through the observation and documentation of weather phenomena.

Who should take this course: No prior geology/science experience is needed – but expect to do a bit of basic math in this course! The course level is intermediate because it will not cover foundational principles of geology (or other sciences) but instead the course will be integrative and require students to practice both their quantitative and qualitative skills. Take this course if you are passionate or curious about climate change, but do not know much about the science of climate and weather!

Tentative Course Description (pending AAC approval):