Past Field Trips!

Recent Field Trips!

Geology of MDI - Lab 1: MDI High School and The Shore Path! COA students from two different classes saw some examples the different rock types we see on MDI. Thanks to Duane Braun for suggesting some awesome geology field sites!

Geology of MDI - Lab 0: COA Beach. Students explore some great outcrops of the Bar Harbor Formation with some beautiful cross-cutting mafic dikes!

Above left: View south of the glacially polished and striated Cadillac Mountain Granite exposed in the MDI High School parking lot!

Above right: View north of the layered Bar Harbor Fm. with a rounded glacial erratic resting on the northward dipping beds along the Shore Path.

Below: Candid shots of students studying the rocks along the Shore Path beach.

Geology of MDI - Lab 2: Somesville Harbor Pier, Hall’s Quarry, and MDI Granite Museum! Thanks to Steve Haynes, founder of the MDI Granite Museum, and Duane Braun for giving us a tour of Hall’s Quarry and the Museum! We even got to see and participate in a live demonstration in granite cutting with non-power tools! Amazing! Photos by Becca - thanks!

Hall’s Quarry in Somesville, MDI

At the granite museum, founder and craftsman, Steve Haynes, gave a us a live demonstration of block splitting!

First, holes are drilled into the rock at ~ 3” apart along the splitting line. After the rock dust is cleared from the holes, wedges and shafts are placed in the drill holes.

Then we each took a turn pounding the wedges into the holes. We ALL got a chance to pound ‘em!

Eventually, we heard a ‘POP’, and the rock had split right along our line of wedges!

Steve used some poles to separate our block along the crack and we were able to touch the inside of the granite block! First light that rock has EVER SEEN!

Geology of MDI - Lab 3: Seawall Beach on the southwest lobe of MDI. Here we observe the Seawall Granite (~370Ma) with distinctive green microcline feldspar (Amazonite) and students “found the contact” between the granite and the Tuff of the Cranberry Island Series.

View of Seawall Beach looking north (photo by Alisa)

An awesome picture of the Amazonite in the Seawall Granite through a hand lens! Great shot, Alisa!

They found the contact!


Cordillera Blanca, Peru 2011

Cordillera Blanca, Peru 2010

Canadian Tectonics Group Conference and Field Trip, Oct 2011: Charlevoix Impact Crater

McGill Group: Sarah Hall, Christie Rowe,

Tim Sherry, Tyler Doane, Ben Melosh, Phil Greene, Keith Hodson

View of the St. Lawrence from our hotel!

Field Trip along the St. Lawrence in the Charlevoix Impact Crater

Shatter cones! Generally point towards the center of the crater.

Breccias and pseudotachylytes!

Rainbow at the end of the day.

McGill students: Ben Melosh, Phil Greene, Tyler Doane, Keith Hodson

Part of the group

Cordillera Blanca, Peru 2012:

Field team: Melanie Michalak, Tyler Doane, Kasparas Spokas, Sarah Hall, Keith Hodson.

Keith, Xavier and Audry - hard at work sampling a boulder!

Field team: Marc-Antoine Fortin, Sarah Hall, Keith Hodson, Phil Greene

At the Cordillera Blanca Detachment Fault!

Llanganuco Valley, looking west down valley

Keith Hodson and Jeff McKenzie sampling the Rio Santa.

The Cordillera Blanca Detachment Fault - View East.

Field work in Peru - July 2010, 2011, 2012